MCLA Services Include (but are not limited to) the following types of cases:

• Real estate and COVID -19 RELATED ISSUES
• Landlord Tenant
• Unlawful Detainer

• Construction Defect
• Personal Injury
• Insurance

• Employment / Workplace Disputes
• Business Disputes
• Consumer / Commercial Debt Collections

• Real estate and COVID -19 RELATED ISSUES •
• Landlord Tenant •
• Unlawful Detainer •
• Construction Defect •
• Personal Injury •
• Insurance •
• Employment / Workplace Disputes •
• Business Disputes •
• Consumer / Commercial Debt Collections •

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3. Pay $50 Fee per Party

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Reduced Rate only available through MCLA after payment of $50 fees.

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What People Are Saying About MCLA

"Our office has had the unique privilege of working with Mr. Molfetta as mediator. He brings a unique balance of tenacity and thoughtful deliberation to his mediations. He has succeeded in settling all cases we have had the fortune to work with him on.

In each of the cases, the parties walked away feeling respected and heard. Mr. Molfetta is very skilled at honing in on the key impediments towards resolution and managing those methodically and patiently."
Harry Safarian


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The Magic of Mediation

The ‘Magic’ of Mediation: An Inside Perspective of a Successful Mediation

By: Jared Lee Mediation is a form of dispute resolution in which a neutral party, the mediator, facilitates communication among opposing parties, helping them to build an outcome that best fits their needs. Mediation has become increasingly commonplace as an alternative to litigating disputes, partly due to its ability to overcome even the most contentious disputes and complex barriers. But what is it about mediation or mediators that allows diametrically opposed groups to walk out of a mediation room shaking hands with a mutual agreement? An interview with mediator Barry Appell lifts the curtain on how he was able to

Online Mediation
Online Mediation

Online Dispute Resolution: The Time Is Now For Online Mediation

By: Jennifer Johnston Terando, R.N., Esq. An MCLA Certified Zoom Panel Mediator The roots of Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) trace back to eBay, which created an ODR program where, once a buyer or seller opened a claim, mediation was conducted through asynchronous email communications between an eBay mediator and the parties, individually. Since then, ODR has developed in additional formats from text programs, to artificial intelligence platforms, such as Smartsettle, where unique algorithms are subject to patent protection. As video-conferencing has reached new peaks of sophistication, ODR has expanded to include the hosting of “traditional” mediation, where mediators, lawyers and

Los Angeles Superior Court

MCLA Provides Online Mediations for LA Superior Court

Mediation Center of Los Angeles Now Provides Online “Vendor Resource List” Mediations for LA Superior Court The Mediation Center of Los Angeles (MCLA), one of three Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Mediation Resource List Vendors, provides high-quality, low-cost mediations to all civil litigants through its panel of independent qualified attorney-mediators, pursuant to specific rules and guidelines established by the Court and the MCLA. MCLA is also the only mediation resource vendor authorized by the LA Superior Court to conduct online mediations. Although other mediation services and providers may offer online mediations, MCLA panel members have been trained and certified that

LASC Mediator Recognition Ceremony with LASC Judge Jessner and Judge Sinanian and MCLA's Myer Sankary,.

LASC Honors MCLA in Recognition Ceremony

On March 19, 2019, LA Superior Court Judges Jessner and Sinanian honored Myer Sankary as Program Director of the Mediation Center of Los Angeles (MCLA) and all of the MCLA Mediators for their public service providing reduced-cost mediation to all civil litigants of the LASC.  

Construction Dispute Prevention and Mediation
Dispute Prevention

Construction Dispute Prevention and Mediation

by Wean Khing Wong, Esq. Attorney & Mediator A previous version of this article, in Chinese, was first published in the Construction Guide, August 2018, by World Journal, USA at Disputes are common in construction projects. In this short article, I will discuss a common dispute that I experience as a neutral mediator assigned to resolve the dispute, which is the disagreement between the contractor and client over the project. I will explain why it is important to submit construction disputes to mediation as early as possible. To Avoid a Disagreement Over a Construction Project: Before starting work, the

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