Thank you for taking the time to submit your case information. We will be in touch with you very soon.

1) Please review the FAQ that explains the process HERE ONLINE or DOWNLOAD PDF to your computer.

2) The Administration FEE for using MCLA is $50 per party, payable in advance. You can pay your fee right now ONLINE HERE.

3) All of the experienced mediators on our panel have agreed to the following FEES:

The initial fee of $450.00 for the first 3 hours (and is payable directly to the mediator). Any additional fees and costs that might become due are payable directly to the mediator. The fee is usually divided equally among the parties unless they agree otherwise. If there is a charge for the use of conference rooms, the parties will be informed by the mediator.

Reduced Rate only available through MCLA after payment of $50 fees.

4) If you did not list SPECIFIC MEDIATORS on your submission form, please take a moment to SEARCH THROUGH OUR MEDIATORS by specialty and select 1-3. Then EMAIL US ( with the mediator’s names in order of preference.

5) If you did not LIST POSSIBLE DATES for mediation on your submission form, please take a moment to consider a date, a few dates, or a range of dates that will work for (at least) your party. Then EMAIL US ( with those dates.

6) MCLA will inquire with the mediators to see if they are available.

7) Once we determine a mediator’s availability we will get you in contact with them.