LA Superior Court Vendor Resource List Mediators

meet the requirements for the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Vendor Resource List program.

This badge designates an MCLA Zoom-Certified Mediator:

MCLA is the only Civil Mediation Resource Vendor that is authorized by the LA Superior Court to provide online mediation services. With the Civil Courts almost shut down during this uncertain time and with face-to-face mediations not permitted, it is critical for the legal community and their clients to use online mediation services with mediators who are trained, qualified, and certified to use the Zoom program.

What is Zoom Certification? An MCLA Zoom-Certified Mediator has been extensively trained and tested on the use of Online Mediation. Participants who use a Zoom-Certified Mediator can be assured the mediator has demonstrated he or she knows how to use Zoom breakout rooms. This permits the creation of separate, secure, private, and confidential online conference rooms where any two or more participants (eg. attorney and client) can confer without concern of being heard or seen by the other participants. Also, the Certified Zoom Mediator has demonstrated the technological skills to join and leave the breakout rooms as well as the ability to use other features of Zoom (such as screen sharing, chats, etc.). The Certified Mediator is also skilled in setting up a Zoom meeting using the confidential Zoom email invitation to join the meeting.

Why is Certification important now? Many mediators are claiming they know how to conduct online mediations; however, many are not qualified or have not received sufficient training or skills testing to maintain necessary standards to use the Zoom technology. Our Zoom-Certified Mediators are best equipped to use the technology successfully and will be able to explain how it works to all participants.