What People are Saying About MCLA
“Barry Appell understood both sides of the issue and was able to explain strengths and weakness of opposing parties’ cases without undue pressure or exaggeration. His understanding of the law demonstrated he was helping settlement based on risk and other acceptable reasons. This was a Zoom mediation and it saved travel time.”
"Mr. Appell is a miracle worker. He settled an impossible case between intractable parties whose hostility towards each other was a near insurmountable obstacle. His people skills and depth of legal knowledgeable allowed him to start with the key to unraveling a big legal mess.

The virtual Zoom mediation was perfect not only for Covid but for these parties in particular and especially helpful for my client, a stay at home busy mom."
"Our office has had the unique privilege of working with Mr. Molfetta as mediator. He brings a unique balance of tenacity and thoughtful deliberation to his mediations. He has succeeded in settling all cases we have had the fortune to work with him on.

In each of the cases, the parties walked away feeling respected and heard. Mr. Molfetta is very skilled at honing in on the key impediments towards resolution and managing those methodically and patiently."
“You are providing a valuable service for the Court and saving the attorney and clients time and money.”
“This is an excellent service for resolving smaller cases that do not justify the high cost of one of the big mediation services.”
“Mediator Lora Silverman was excellent. Her knowledge of the law was helpful. Her listening skills made the difference as she was able to identify both strengths and weaknesses. Working with her was a pleasure.”
(Legal counsel for SCE)
“Mr. Marcus was well prepared and quickly understood the issues presented in the case including insurance coverage issues. He was creative in finding a resolution that worked for all parties. The mediation time was efficiently used. He was also prepared with a settlement agreement that all parties adopted. Overall a great job by Mr. Marcus.”
"Stephen Marcus had a great approach to the mediation, well thought out and well reasoned explanation of the law and any weaknesses of the case. Very effective in obtaining a fair and reasonable settlement for both side.”
“William Molfetta was amazing.”
“Ms. (Wendy) Fassberg was excellent. I will definitely recommend her in the future.”
"Stephen Marcus was tactful, thoughtful, understood the issues and the realities of the complaint and cross-complaint. I wouldn't hesitate to use him in the future.”
“Scott Berman was kind, fair, and very informative.”
“Alan Petlak is fantastic!”
"Alan Petlak is an excellent mediator who understands the psychology of the parties, and gets rid of the emotions to arrive at a practical solution for all parties involved. Alan also is very focused on probem solving for both sides and knows how to reconcile the desires and needs of both parties who enter the process as adversaries.”
"James Cameron was a fantastic mediator. He really did a lot of pre-mediation work by reviewing documents, asking questions, and following up, that I really felt he had an excellent understanding of the case going into mediation, which made the actual mediation go much smoother than I could have dared hope. I'd highly recommend him for future mediations.”
“Mr. Cameron was excellent. I would recommend him to everyone.”
"Within a relatively short period of time, I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of the Mediation Center of Los Angeles (MCLA) on two occasions. The first matter was with Wendy Fassberg who successfully mediated a matter. The case had not settled at mediation and didn’t appear it would after that. Although I didn’t request any follow-up on her part, she nevertheless did, which resulted in a successful resolution.

I also just resolved another matter with Stephen Marcus. The status of the mediation was the same as the one with Wendy Fassberg. For several days after the conclusion of the mediation, Stephen would not let go of the case and ultimately settled it to everyone’s satisfaction. MCLA’s fee structure enabled both of these cases to be mediated and saved the parties substantial legal fees, costs, and provided peace of mind. The experience and knowledge of the mediators was obvious, and overall they were excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to use MCLA in the future."
Jack Kaufman